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Mens Zulu Fancy Dress Costume - ILFD2059

Mens Zulu Fancy Dress Costume - ILFD2059

Show off your Beach body with this great costume! Grab some face paint to make war marks on your face and body to complete the look. This Mens Zulu Fancy Dress Costume is also a great set for beach parties or for dressing up as a Zulu King! 

This Authentic Straw Set Includes:
- 2 Arm Pieces
- 2 Leg Pieces
- 1 Long Straw Skirt

Available in Two Sizes
- One Size
- Plus Size

Perfect For:
- Summer Fancy Dress
- Hawaiian Fancy Dress
- Beach Parties
- Zulu Fancy Dress

Pricing Breakdown

Price Quantity Total
£- 1 £-
£- 6 £-
£- 20 £-